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I came to the Acupuncture & Chiropractic Center for hormonal life balancing to advance me through my menopausal trials. Since I was estrogen dominate DR. Cowan deemed necessary to detox the estrogen then supplement liquid progesterone to balance me out. In the meantime, monthly nutritional classes are very beneficial, with Pat making us treats. Then having a message along the way is great. This is a one stop shop. Not long ago I went back to Dr Cowan for a sinus infection and instead of throwing antibiotic’s at me he gave me whole foods; herbs to boost my immune system to fight the bacteria. His daughter Christina reminds me of my own daughter. I’m very thankful for this family.

In today’s search for health and well being; this is the place – with heart

Laura W. Pensacola, FL



“Cowan-Care”…There’s nothing like it

I am proud to say that I’ve been Dr. Cowan’s patient since 2003 – and I can honestly say that, over the years, he has done more for me than any medical practitioner ever has, or for that matter, probably ever could.

Whether it’s regular chiropractic adjustments, remarkably invigorating and relaxing acupuncture treatment or his insight on nutrition and healthy non-pharmaceutical supplementation, every day of my life has been better, thanks to the heart-felt and dedicated efforts of “Dr. Bob”.

Dr. Cowan and his staffs commitment to patients and our care is remarkable, and it is obvious that we are each an individual to all at the practice, and each of us represents a personal and professional challenge to Dr. Bob Cowan to regain health, and I know he relishes each opportunity to heal us all.

Thank you Dr. Bob, for all you have done, all you are, all of your past efforts with me, and all I know you will do in my future, to make this life of mine a happier, healthier place!

“Cowan-Care”…There’s nothing like it – and everyone seeking health needs to get to know the joys – and positive effects – of natural health care and true wellness!

Arty G. Navarre, FL

What would your life look like if you felt like an athlete in his prime?

This competitive athlete relies on Acupuncture and Chiropractic Center of Pensacola to live every moment to the fullest.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cowan’s for 14 years now. I first utilized a variety of their comprehensive services as a competitive athlete who suffered from chronic issues throughout because of a shortened leg due to a bad break from childhood. You can just imagine the chain reaction of ailments from a tilted pelvis and a leg that was set and healed 20 degrees off axis.

My visits there allowed me to train comfortably 40+ miles a week of running in order to compete 4 years in a row at state competitions both in Cross Country and Track placing in the top 10 (if not first place) in all my events.

Beyond athletics and biomechanic services, I have also been very happy with my overall nutritional and wellness services. Anything from supplements for parasites for my trip to China to a comprehensive detox for overall digestive and body health, I have always relied on advice from Dr. Cowan. I am always well informed about any recommendations and suggestions.

I could go on about all kinds of services I have been happy with such as non-invasive/natural facials, to acupuncture, shoe inserts, or how I have driven 7-8 hours from my residence in Orlando, and from Houston just because of the trustworthy and reliable service I receive.

I highly recommend this business…it is definitely a family-oriented, relationship-based operation. Thanks for everything!

From Ghada Pribble:

I am so thankful for Dr. Bob Cowan and his team of Patricia Gramlich and Christina Cowan-Tavener at the Acupuncture and Chiropractic Center of Pensacola. They have all been so helpful to me, beginning with my first visit in January 2010!

I initially went to Dr. Cowan to get relief from my neck discomfort which was a result of an auto accident. Not only, did he help my neck to feel better, but he also did adjustments and gave me supplements to help my overall health. After only a couple of months, I was surprised to find out that I was pregnant (something that was not possible for 14 years!).

I continue to go to Dr. Cowan to get my adjustments and to restock on natural supplements, but now, I also bring my baby boy with me! I love the family atmosphere at the office. I also love that I can call anytime and ask questions and I always get very helpful answers!
Thank you all at Acu/Chiro Center! You’re the best!!!!



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